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Positive Displacement Flow Meters

Manufacturer: Petrol Instruments 

We offer for sale a wide range of accurate Positive Displacement (PD) flow meters 

for the measurement, within the limits of legal accuracy, of almost all the liquids industrially used. PD flow meters are highly reliable volumetric instruments that measure the quantity of liquid flow using mechanical rotors, with extremely high precision clearance between sealing surfaces. These instruments can be used for custody transfer purposes, and general measurement applications in petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Main characteristics include:

  • “Floating” type rotors technology​​​;

  • Wide range of construction materials​;

  • Magnetic transmission​;

  • Extremely low pressure drop;

  • Max viscosity till 50,000 mPa.s (even higher for special applications);

  • Excellent accuracy (from ±0,15% to ±0,5%);

  • Conform to international standards.

Main applications:

  • Petroleum Industry

  • Petrochemical Industry

  • Chemical Industry

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Crude Oil Extraction

  • Power Plants Industry

  • Ships and Steel Industry

Our product line includes:

  • 1" - 4" Single Case PD Flow Meters

         (see catalogue)

  • 1" - 16" Double Case PD Flow Meters

         (see catalogue)

  • Master Meters

         (see catalogue)

  • 1" - 8" Filters and Accessories

         (see catalogue)

  • 10" - 16" Filters and Accessories

         (see catalogue)

Petrol Instruments Positive Displacement
Single Case Positive Displacement Flow M
Master Meter Flow Meters.webp
Double Case Positive Displacement Flow M
Filter Strainer for Flow Meters.webp

Industrial Water Flow Meters

Manufacturer: BMeters

The product range includes single and multi-jet turbine water meters (with mechanical or magnetic transmission), Woltmann meters, irrigation meters, flow meters, thermal energy meters and heat cost allocators. All flow meters have direct reading or can be equipped with integrated modules for data remote transmission.

Our integrated solutions allow consumption data to be measured, recorded, and transmitted in a clear and effective manner, which is then made available to customers for data analysis and management.


From the on-site reading of the product to the remote reading system, our solutions represent a genuine infrastructure that allows customers to provide users with additional services, such as monitoring, billing, and leakage alarm, with no need for manual intervention.

For more information: product catalogue.

BMeters Water Flow Meters
BMeters Water Flow Meters, water flowmeters, Woltmann
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