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CNC Machining and Services

Manufacturer: New Moon

We provide CNC machining manufacturing and custom fabrication services from small to large scale custom solutions. We serve the automotive, construction, marine, appliance and medical industries, specializing specifically in the conveyor chain sector.

Our business provides:
- Multi Axis Machining
- CNC Milling and Turning
- Stamping and Die Casting
- Rapid Prototype


Our materials include:

- Plastics

- Stainless Steel

- Carbon Steel

- Brass

- Copper

- Aluminum

- Titanium

We ensure high-quality mechanical parts, delivered on time, with competitive pricing and full customer support throughout the product’s life-cycle. Our clients are mainly located in Asia, Europe, and North America.


With domestic and overseas manufacturing and inspection facilities, you can rely upon our expertise in metal parts fabrication and our exceptional product knowledge and customer support. We’ve earned an outstanding reputation within our industry.

We develop many kinds of new products each year, and we have full production capacity including design, mold development, proofing, mass production, precision machining and surface treatment, and packaging.

For examples of offered products, please see the CNC Machining brochure.

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