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Desktop 3D Laser Printers (Gweikecloud)

Manufacturer: GWeike

We offer for sale Gweikecloud, the latest smart 3D laser cutting and engraving machine. It is specifically tailored for home, school and small art studio applications. The machine runs on a web browser, so there is no software to install.

Some of the main characteristics of Gweikecloud are:

  • simple installation (30 minutes);

  • easy and safe to use;

  • high precision;

  • laser power: 50W;

  • intelligent identification of materials and thickness;

  • live real-time autofocus;

  • scan camera;

  • LCD touchscreen;

  • design software interface (Photoshop, AutoCAD, etc.);

  • connection: Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet;

  • operating system: Windows or Mac;

  • industrial grade water cooling;

  • industrial filters;

  • dimensions: 958 × 528 × 268 mm.

Our machine can print and engrave the following materials:

  • paper

  • cardboard

  • wood

  • ceramics

  • stone

  • acrylic

  • cloth

  • leather

  • ABS-based color board

  • PET

  • rubber

  • fiberglass

  • plastic

  • many other materials (even chocolate!)

For more information see:

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