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Vapor Recovery Units (VRU)

Manufacturer: SYMEX

We offer for sale carbon-based vapor recovery systems, for a wide range of hydrocarbons. A vapor recovery unit allows to collect dangerous vapors from gasoline and other fuels during filling stations activities, preventing dispersing the fumes in the open air. The VRU will recover approximately 1.5 liters of liquid for each cubic meter of vapor.

Our systems comply with international environmental rules and regulations, as well as high quality and technical standards. We offer unit sizing calculation and pipeline design services.

Regeneration process (see picture):

  1. Adsorption on activated carbon.

  2. Regeneration by vacuum, using dry screw vacuum pumps.

  3. Reabsorption into a liquid, using washing columns.

  4. Storage in tank.


  • Environment protection, decreasing vapor emissions.

  • Safety increase, recovering explosive mixtures.

  • Health safety for staff exposed to dangerous vapors.

  • Economic benefit, by recovering valuable liquid products otherwise lost.

Recovered products:

  • Aromatics (BTX)

  • Aliphatic HC

  • Olefins​

  • Alcohols

  • Naphtha

  • Crude Oils

  • Ethers


  • Rail car loading

  • Sea Vessels and Barges loading

  • Tank to tank transfers, tanks loading, tanks thermal breathing

  • Service stations underground tank filling

For more info: product brochure.

For detailed understanding of our vapor recovery process and applications, see our VRU presentation.

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