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Surveillance Security Robot ("RaRo")

Manufacturer: Nuzoo Robotics

RaRo is a professional service robot suitable to carry out a wide range of activities, to include but not limited to security surveillance, controlling the environment and production processes. It constantly monitors the environment around, and thanks to its technological advanced equipment, it collects possible anomalies or intrusions, quickly informing the control station. Specific functionalities and a variety of alarms developed for the security surveillance applications, make RaRo an innovative and reliable device to monitor risk areas.

RaRo is able to follow defined floor paths  (visual markers or colored line) in complete autonomy or can be easily controlled remotely by an operator.  It does not require dedicated control software. RaRo is equipped with a high-definition camera which detects movements and sends alarms in real time.

The robot recharges the battery in complete autonomy, using its own docking station (battery autonomy: 4 hours at full power). RaRo is used for indoor applications, and it is equipped with 4 wheels.

It is possible to install thermal cameras for night vision or to immediately detect the presence of people or animals.


  • Warehouses/Buildings/Properties surveillance 

  • Exhibition halls surveillance

  • Production processes control

  • Detection of leaks (gas/methane)

For more information, watch the video of RaRo.

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Communication & Events Robot ("Eggy")

Manufacturer: Nuzoo Robotics

Eggy is a humanoid robot widely used in conventions, exhibition stand, exhibitions, PR, corporate events, customer service booths, as well as at entrances of shops, museums and public offices. Eggy has proven to be a valid mobile robot, capable of excellent interaction with humans. Its shape and design attract attention, by the movement of its components (arms, head and body). 

Human-machine interaction is possible thanks to the robot's ability to speak, and a touch screen.  When the robot detects one or more people within its visual space, starts interacting.  Eggy can enter in a dialogue with humans, following a logical path of questions and answers, which can be customized depending on the application.  

Technical info:

  • Height: 95 cm

  • Weight: 35 Kg

  • Omnidirectional wheels

  • Touch screen Display

  • 3 head motors

  • 2 arm motors

For more information, watch the video of Eggy.

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R&D Robot ("Geko")

Manufacturer: Nuzoo Robotics

Geko is a R&D robotic platform with a totally open protocol and specifically designed for development applications of third parties. Thanks to its great versatility, for both hardware and software, it can be used to satisfy different applications. Perfect for the research and development field, Geko ensures a large possibility to expandability it capability, thanks to the use of open-source components.

Technical info:

  • Maximum speed: 1.0 m/s

  • Autonomy: 4h/2Km 

  • Traction: 4-wheel drive

  • Maximum slope: 20 °

  • Maximum engine power: 110W (55W x 2 engines)

  • Operating temperature: 0 - 40 C

  • Frame material: Steel, Plastic

  • Weight: 10 Kg

  • Payload: 5 Kg

  • Obstacle height from the floor: 4 cm

  • Dimensions (mm) : 460x540x210

  • Battery recharge: docking station or manual 

  • Controller card: Barebone Intel I5 64bit

  • Interface: Low-level interface Novalabs

  • Visual: Webcam 110 ° angle pan-tilt

  • Inertial: IMU 9 Axes

  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.0

  • Acoustics: Internal microphone with speaker

For more information, watch the video of Geko.

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