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Interactive Tracking Tags

Manufacturer: Nuzoo Robotics

We offer for sale ITT (Interactive Tracking Tags)  systems based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology.
Our solutions allow location identification, interactive tracking, tracing and control of objects, people, vehicles in defined areas, both indoors and outdoors. 
Our ITT systems are extremely flexible, allowing customized solutions and scalability, for a wide range of applications.

How the Interactive Tracking System  works, and which are its main components :

  • TAG: which can be wearable or installable in an infrastructure, it is used to locate a person, vehicle or object. Equipped with 3-axis accelerometer, it communicates information of movement and space orientation, to include "man-down" alarm. The tag also memorizes time data and can emit sounds and light signals.

  • NET: device that generates an interactive cloud capable of activating and locating tags with magnetic technology.

  • GATE: device that receives data from the tags and communicates them to the server.

  • COSMO (COlor, Sensing and MOtion): device that interacts with various systems and can activate multiple signals, such as alarms, lights, security equipment, actuators, or motors.

  • BRIDGE: device that receives data from the various GATEs, and controls the entire system.

  • SERVER: the system is connected to a server, which displays data through a dashboard, stores all the historical data, and generates custom reports.


  • General industry (tracking, safety and security).

  • Healthcare / Telemedicine (for remote patients surveillance).

  • Tracking of people, animals or vehicles.

  • Recreational industry (exhibitions, theme parks, museums, conventions).

For more information see the ITT brochure.

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