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Automatic Voltage Equalizers (AVE)

Manufacturer: EM Energy Solutions

We offer products to increase power quality and energy optimization in your electrical distribution systems. Your main electric loads, motors, and variable inducting transient devices are cause of power quality issues. Power quality issues affect all major industrial plants and factories, and can be the reason of expensive unscheduled maintenance. You are not an expert in energy distribution/consumption, and your Company is probably currently losing productivity and cash without you even knowing it.


Our new Automatic Voltage Equalizers (AVE) technology, coupled with harmonic filters and Voltage Ampere Reactive (VAR) compensator equipment, will lower your Company operating costs. Our devices are designed to lower energy consumption and downtime, in addition to greater equipment lifetime and lower personnel injuries due to arc-flashes.  Approximately 10 arc flashes injuries (to include burns and deaths) happen each day in the US.

All our products are modular and are designed to integrate in any distribution system. The installation of our equipment is simple, basically connects in parallel on the supply transformer secondary side and protects all downstream equipment against any harmonic distortion, unbalanced voltage, voltage sags and arc-flash.


  • Reduce energy consumption

  • Stabilize and balance phase voltage

  • Eliminate transients and short circuits

  • Reduce dangers of arc-flash

  • Reduce harmonic distortion

  • Cancel out harmonic frequencies

  • Extend lifespan of electrical motors and components

  • Permit greater cable lengths between VFD and motor

  • Eliminate VFD transients and distortions

  • Reduced downtime and save operating costs

  • Reduces CO2 emissions

For more information: product catalogue.

EM-Energy Solutions, Automatic Voltage Equilizers
Automatic Voltage Equilizers, AVE Technology

Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

Manufacturer: EM Energy Solutions

Our industrial Energy Storage Solutions (ESS) are built on cutting edge technology, and have a modular design. The ESS allows to capture electrical energy from a source (power grid or power generation plant) into batteries, storing it until future use. Multiple operation modes and the possibility to connect to any voltage level make our ESS equipment an optimal solution for your energy storage requirement. The product is specifically suitable to be connected downstream of a renewable energy plant, but can also be used in more conventional applications. 

The ESS is a valuable investment, allowing security of power supply for downstream plants and grids. This storage solution is optimal for integration with a power generation system (renewable, turbine or engine), or it can be installed as a stand alone system. Our ESS is very flexible and scalable for different applications, capable of a few hundreds of kWh to hundreds of MWh. Downstream grid improve the power quality, making it a very good investment for overall operating cost reduction.


Our ESS comes with:

  • Universal Power Conditioning System (PCS).

  • Universal container cabinet system.

  • Modular ACDC / DCDC PCS.

  • Modular cabinets.

  • possibility to install indoors or outdoors.

  • Battery failure/performance recognition system.

  • certifications for grid integration.

  • warranty.

For more information: product catalogue

EM-Energy Solutions, Automatic Voltage Equilizers
Energy Storage Solutions.GIF

Surge Protection Devices (SPD)

Manufacturer: SSI

SSI manufactures multiple lines of SPDs for both AC and DC power systems as well as data and telecommunication systems from 5 to 7200 volts. With application experience across a full spectrum of industrial, commercial and government sectors. SSI has the capability to address the power quality issues arising in today’s increasingly technological environments.

All SSI Surge Protective Devices provide true “All Mode” protection, but “All Mode” protection is not the same as “Discrete All Mode Protection”. All Mode protection means that every electrical pathway passes through a protection circuit at some point along its journey. With All Mode Protection, the protection circuits can serve double duty with three protection circuits protecting up to Ten pathways in a Three Phase Wye electrical system. In contrast, with 10 Modes of Discrete All Mode Protection, all Ten electrical pathways are protected by Ten individual protection circuits. We also offer Discrete All Mode Protection for Single Phase, Split Phase, and  Three Phase Delta Systems.

Every SSI Surge Protective Device is “All Mode.” We offer Four, Seven and Ten Modes of Discrete Protection for Three Phase Wye electrical systems. Our Advantage line is the industry leader with Ten Discrete Modes of Protection for Three Phase Wye electrical systems. Our SpecPRO and Surge Tracker lines are available with your choice of either Four or Seven Modes of Discrete Protection for Three Phase Wye electrical systems.

For more information: product catalogue.

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Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS)

Manufacturer: TPS

A Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS) is a device designed to protect an electrical system from voltage spikes. Unless you protect your entire facility, transients and surges can result in significant increases in maintenance costs and downtime.

We offer for sale the complete line of AC power and telecommunications surge protection devices, which incorporate the next generation of power protection technology. Our manufacturer is the only company in the world to offer TVSS products with lifetime unconditional warranty, to include coverage for lightning strikes. 


Our main products for sale are:

  • Service Track, with compact design offers easy installation, the optional enhanced transient filter will extend your equipment life and reliability.

         (see the technical data sheet)

  • Low Profile, specifically designed for protection of critical branch and distribution panels.

         (see the technical data sheet)

For more information: product catalogue.

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