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3D Printers: Prototyping and Production

Manufacturer: WASP 

We are the innovative leader of 3D printers manufacturing, offering advanced 3D printing technology products for your 4.0 Industry. Whether you need prototypes or production parts, our industrial 3D printers will support your needs in a quick and cost-effective way. We are your preferred partner for accurate custom 3D printers at an affordable price. We make additive manufacturing affordable and easy for you.

When you do your own manufacturing, jigs and fixtures, we understand how critical is ensuring high-quality products and efficiency during assembly and testing. Our 3D printer machines can create complex design parts, so you are no longer dependent on "old conventional technologies", such as CNC machines or injection molding. 

Our printers use the latest additive manufacturing technology to build affordable functional parts in a wide range of materials:​

  • Advanced plastics

  • Advanced composites (to include polyamide with carbon fiber)

  • Ceramic materials (clay, porcelain, and advanced ceramics)

  • Concrete mortar


  • Rapid prototyping

  • Production (low volumes and high volumes)

  • Tooling manufacturing​


  • Aerospace and ground transportation

  • Consumer products

  • Energy

  • Medical

  • Research and development

  • Construction

  • Arts 

Our product line include:

Professional Printers

Industrial Printers

Clay Printers

Constructions Printers

We also offer 3D printing services, to include extremely large size objects.

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